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​What YouTube Lacks Is A Way To Tune The Sounds To Match Your Partner's/Spouse's Snoring Sounds

​​You can use the tone adjustments that are already available on your device or install any one of your choice of equalizer apps from the App Store or the Google Play Store


​​Equalizers allow you to filter out unnecessary volume in specific frequency ranges and boost volume in frequency ranges that are more in line with the snoring sounds that you are exposed to.

This is a key component, because you'll want to use as little overall volume as possible to completely blend away all traces of the snoring sounds starting and stopping.

​​There Are Many Media Player Apps Available That Include An Equalizer

Both the App Store and the Google Play Store have several media player apps available with built-in equalizer functions. Or you can install a stand-alone equalizer app and continue to use your existing music app.

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