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​#1 ​White Noise For Snoring In The World!

​Why do we cross out the words "white noise"? And use the term "non-white noise for snoring"?

  1. ​Because the term "white noise" has been tarnished by those who are calling every sound under the sun "white noise". It makes it extremely difficult for a consumer to zero in on a real solution to a very serious problem.
  2. Because white noise is a very annoying sound and we would prefer that people do not think of SnorEraser as "white noise".
  3. Because SnorEraser is far superior to white noise for snoring in every regard.

​If SnorEraser Isn't White Noise, What Is It?

​That one is simple. SnorEraser is carefully selected, real human snoring sounds, blended into one continuous smooth sound, that blends with live snoring more effectively than ​ANY other sound on earth... Because it is snoring!

What that means for you is that you will be able to use less volume to reach the point where you can no longer distinguish when the individual snore events start and stop.

It is the erratic on and off nature of snoring that keeps us awake. So eliminating those fluctuations is the key to sound sleep in the presence of up close and personal, active snoring.

SnorEraser is 3 times more effective than so called anti snoring music! And 2 1/2 times more efficient than "white noise for snoring" solutions! 

​Th​ese #1 Non White Noise Videos Are Skyrocketing In Popularity!

​Why? Because they work... Plain and simple!

Th​e video above is currently (as of this update) being used for OVER 1.5 MILLION minutes per month and is ranked #1 ​on YouTube for the search term "white noise for snoring"! ​And it's siblings aren't far behind!

​SnorEraser channel visitors ​are raving about how it is the only noise cancelling sound they have ever used, that actually blocks out snoring completely, without using excessive volume! And there's a very good reason for that!

Use SnorEraser the ultimate white noise for snoring to drown out snoring with your screen off and even when you don't have an internet connection! Learn how to use SnorEraser: the best non white noise for snoring in the world HERE

SnorEraser is more than twice as effective ​as true white noise!

​Not only is white noise an extremely annoying high pitched hissing sound, it also has to be played at an average of 2 1/2 times louder than SnorEraser ​ to reach the full masking threshold of moderate snoring. 

"White Noise" has become a catchphrase for just about any consistent sound that people may use to mask another (not so consistent) sound.

​But, if you have actually tried pure, real white noise for sleeping next to someone who snores, you already know that:

1) Real white noise is a very annoying, high pitched hissing sound.

2) White noise has to be played at intolerably high volume levels before it even begins to mask the sounds of moderate snoring, making it a very poor option for sleeping next to a snorer.

​Here is a sample of real, pure white noise.

What does "Timbre" Have to do with drowning out snoring effectively?

Timbre is the sum of all qualities of a sound, such as... tone, vibrato, grain, etc..

The greater the difference there is in the timbre of the masking sound and the timbre of the intermittent sound it is being used to cover, the greater the volume requirement. 

Poor timbre match = more volume... It's that simple.

So... What sound should you use to match the timbre of snoring? Well, let me ask you this... What sound could be more similar to snoring than snoring itself? 

But, isn't it the sound of the snoring that is keeping me awake? You ask... NO!!! It is not "the sound of the snoring" which is the primary cause of your distraction. It is the fact that it is turning on and off erratically! And nothing other than the sound of snoring (smoothed out into one continuous sound) can stop that effect from distracting you. Not earplugs, not noise canceling headphones and certainly not "white noise for s​noring". 

SnorEraser is FAR SUPERIOR to white noise for sleeping in these ways:

1) SnorEraser is a soothing and relaxing sound, unlike white noise. In fact, most people who use SnorEraser regularly say that they cannot sleep without it! 

2) SnorEraser blends away the distracting on/off effect of snoring at the absolute lowest volume level achievable! Letting you finally get the sleep that has been eluding you for so long now. What this means for you, is that you will be able to sleep better, because you are using a sound that is far superior to white noise and requires less than half the volume to completely eliminate the distraction caused by snoring. 

SnorEraser, The most effective masking sound for snoring on earth, has helped hundreds of thousands of people since 2009 to finally solve their snoring noise problem when they had all but given up hope, after trying numerous other so-called "solutions". 

Now, thanks to YouTube, you can experience the incredible anti snoring power of SnorEraser absolutely FREE for as long as you like! ​ 

What sets SnorEraser Apart From The Pack?  

​There is nothing else (anywhere, at any price) that offers this exceptional combination of effectiveness, affordability, portability, personal customization and the many other uses and benefits that will unfold for you along the way.

We want to make this ​website everything you need and want it to be! 

So... please leave your comments, suggestions, and requests in the comment section below​. We will do our best to reply to your comments on a regular schedule. 

Let us know what we can do better! We're listening!

Thank you! And... May you sleep well for the rest of your life!

Did you ever think real snoring could sound like this? 

Leave your comments below, we love hearing your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions!

​What are your thoughts on "Black Screen White Noise" videos? Should we make SnorEraser black screen videos? Are they a waste of time? Let's hear it below!


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