We Offer You A UNIQUE 90-DAY, 100% Money-Back Guarantee!


SnorEraser is the only anti snoring noise product in the world that comes with a written guarantee that when used as recommended,  you will hear absolutely zero snoring noise fluctuation (the proven primary distraction factor of snoring noise)!

No other product can make this offer, because no other product works on the same proven principles as SnorEraser!

Our Three Promises to You

  1. Unbeatable Performance!
    Use SnorEraser according to the recommendations in our free guided audio tutorial (included free with every order) and our “Tips For Great Results” PDF guide (also included free with every order) and SnorEraser will outperform ANY other anti snoring noise product or we gladly refund your entire purchase price, anytime within 90 days of your original purchase! (See items A, B, C, D, E, F and G below).
  2. The Fastest, Most Effective Snoring Noise Disturbance Solution On Earth!
    Find ANY other EFFECTIVE snoring noise solution that you can begin using immediately after purchase, without leaving the comfort of your own home, any time of the day or night. Show us proof of same and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, upon your written request, even if you are 100% satisfied with SnorEraser’s benefits!
  3. The Best Snoring Noise Disturbance Guarantee Anywhere, At Any Price!
    We are so confident that the makers of any other product would go out of business by making such a guarantee. And that SnorEraser is THE ONLY product capable of delivering a 100% undisturbed (by snoring noise) experience. We will EVEN refund your purchase price if you provide evidence of an equal or better guarantee! That’s right… Find any other legitimate and established anti snoring noise solution, anywhere in the world, that comes with an equal or better guarantee. Show us proof of same and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, upon your written request, even if you are 100% satisfied with SnorEraser’s benefits!

One Simple Condition

  • The customer must allow us to provide professional support and recommendations (as described in A, B, C, D, E, F and G below), in the unlikely event that SnorEraser does not initially perform as promised. Obtaining optimum results with SnorEraser is very simple and easy to understand. We avail excellent resources to the general public and provide specific, support resources to each customer upon completing a purchase.  A minimum level of understanding as to how to use the product(s) appropriately is required. As with any other product, improper use may result in less than desirable results and is not an indicator of the true capabilities of the product.

This is a Guarantee of Superiority – It is Not a Simple Refund Policy

  • In the same way as retail stores do not offer refunds on music CD’s and video games. Due to the fact that the SnorEraser products are digital audio downloads and in light of heavy internet fraud and piracy, we do not offer simple refunds.
  • Be sure that you know what you are purchasing prior to making payment. SnorEraser products are digital audio downloads.
  • Once payment has been made and accepted, all of the conditions on this page apply to all customers, without exception.
  • The above guarantee is intended as a guarantee of product superiority and as a means of recouping the purchase price of the product(s) for those costumers who have (A) Purchased and downloaded and attempted to use the products according to the following. (B) Has followed self help instructions and / or customer care recommendations in the rare and unlikely event of experiencing any downloading issues. (C) Have listened to the guided audio tutorial and demonstration, which is included with every order. (D) Have read the “Tips For Great Results” PDF guide, which is also included with every order. (E) Have made a sincere effort to apply the principles as described in (A, B and C).  (F) Have given our professional support staff ample opportunity to provide assistance in understanding the simple yet proper use and application of the products, when applicable. (G) Despite our mutual best efforts have not been able to successfully mask the sound of their partner’s snoring, while using the products as recommended.
  • The above guarantee is not intended as a means of simple refund for those who have not given the SnorEraser products a reasonable opportunity to demonstrate effectiveness (as described above in A, B, C, D, E, F and G). In other words… AudEscapes, Inc. does not provide simple refunds for such things as (but not limited to) making an uninformed purchase by not taking full advantage of the information (text, illustrations, audio and video), which in summation describes in full detail the following: What SnorEraser is, what it does, how it does it, the various benefits of usage and how to acquire SnorEraser. AudEscapes, Inc. does not provide simple refunds for reasons such as: “I thought I purchased something else”, “I don’t think / believe your product works [without having followed A, B, C, D, E, F and G above]”, “Your website was misleading” etc..

We are always ready to assist you in saying goodbye to your snoring noise related insomnia problem forever.

In addition to our exceptional self help platform, our customer care team is always ready to assist you.

We care about the quality and quantity of your sleep, as if it were our own.