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You can make a big difference by helping others discover SnorEraser and you'll be helping to ensure that SnorEraser remains free to everyone in need, for years to come!

The truth is that most people don't know what you and I know. That there is a simple, effective and FREE way to defeat snoring noise related insomnia!

You and I know the agony of enduring night after endless night of sleep deprivation, caused by someone else's relentless snoring problem.

We also know what it's like to try every conceivable snoring noise solution known to humankind.

Often consuming years of our lives, regardless of how much time and money we invest in finding something that actually works.

Snoring noise related insomnia is a growing epidemic for which there was no dependable solution.

We also know something that the vast majority of people don't know and may never discover, if we don't help them to find it.

What you may not know is that I need your help in order to help SnorEraser to touch the lives of other people who desperately need a real solution.

You have the power to play a big part in helping SnorEraser to touch the lives of others in need and it can all be done easily and anonymously.

There Are Several Easy Ways You Can Help

You can choose from a variety of different ways to help others. Ranging from simply subscribing to the SnorEraser YouTube channel and "liking" one or more videos, to making a financial contribution that suits your level of commitment and personal budget, There is no limit to how small or how large your contribution may be, it's all up to you! And anything you choose to do will help.

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Lend A Helping Hand

Knowing that you've done something good and meaning for others just makes you feel great!

And it can help you sleep better in return. As you lay your head on your pillow tonight, enjoying the fact that you finally found something that actually defeats snoring noise related insomnia AND IT's FREE! You'll smile as you nod off, knowing that you helped others find relief from a very serious problem in their lives too.

Be A Part Of Something Meaningful

Most of us want to be of assistance to others and to do something that can really make an impact. What could be better than giving the gift of sound sleep?

Help To Change Our World

Improved sleep quality makes people healthier, happier and more tolerant of others. Affecting our relationships with loved ones, friends, relatives and co-workers.

Reduce Injury Accidents

Sleep deprivation is a major cause of accidents that lead to serious injuries. Helping others to sleep better can actually save lives.

Help Others To Excel

Cognition, problem solving, creativity and memory retention all rely heavily on sleep quantity and quality.

Now you can actually help others excel in their endeavors.

Here’s what people are saying about SnorEraser

If you haven't read any of the thousands of positive comments on The SnorEraser YouTube channel, about the impact SnorEraser is making all over the world . Here are just a few that stand out. SnorEraser is changing people's lives and you get to be a part of it all!


YouTube Comment

Now I Won't Be Filled With Rage While I Fall Asleep

I turned this on just a few minutes ago and thought my husband had stopped breathing so I took out an earbud and realized it just actually works. Now I won't be full of rage while I fall asleep!!

T Love

YouTube Comment

Saved Me From Having A Mental Breakdown

This literally just saved me from having a mental break down oml thank you sm I can finally sleep

Gemini Twins

YouTube Comment

This Finally Put My Anxiety At Peace

Btw idk why but this helped me last night due to my ptsd. Ptsd of being evacuated from a hotel room and this finally put my anxiety at peace 

Here Are Some Ways You Can Help Others To Discover Free, Effective Anti-Snoring Noise Technology 

You might pick just one. You might pick them all, but ANYTHING you do will help!

Thank you in advance for your compassion!

Let's help the world sleep better... together!


Subscribe To The SnorEraser YouTube Channel

One of the ways that YouTube evaluates a channel's value to it's visitors is by measuring the percentage of visitors that become subscribers. In addition to the total number of subscribers a channel has.

By subscribing to the SnorEraser channel you will automatically be notified by YouTube anytime new content is added to the SnorEraser Channel and you will send a strong message to YouTube that SnorEraser is important.

YouTube will then rank the SnorEraser channel higher and display SnorEraser videos along side of other similar videos for greater exposure,  causing a greater ripple effect later on.


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Have something to say? Let it be heard! Commenting is an excellent way to voice your opinions and to interact with other visitors and subscribers.

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Save SnorEraser Videos To Your Custom Playlists

You can organize your favorite SnorEraser videos into playlists, so that they'll be available to you in the order you prefer, at the click of a button.

You can make your playlists of saved videos public or private.

If you make them public, others will be able to use them too.

And you can help them to appear in search results by naming your playlists using relevant terms like: "Best White Noise For Snoring", "Best Anti Snoring Sounds", "Best Sounds For Sleeping", etc..

Be creative and have fun


Donate To A Great Cause And Help Keep SnorEraser Free For Anyone In Need!

Do you want to help others?

Have you always wanted to do something important and meaningful?

Now you can donate as much or as little to SnorEraser's global outreach as you like!

It's completely up to you and how valuable you feel SnorEraser is to you and others who may discover it's life changing effects.

There is no pre-determined specific amount, but anything you donate will be supporting a great cause and everything you do will be appreciated by those who find this valuable resource and discover that it is absolutely, 100% free of charge.

With your support, we will make sure that useful free versions of SnorEraser are available to the public for years to come.


Purchase SnorEraser Compatible Products From Trusted

One of the many advantages of SnorEraser is it's incredible versatility.

You can use products that fit your lifestyle, preferences and budget, and still get great results!

Your not bound by some dedicated piece of equipment that only serves one purpose.

Just about anything you add to your anti snoring noise arsenal can be used for many other tasks, such as listening to music, meditation, studying, etc..

Our Amazon Associates page is full of examples and useful information.

Everything you purchase through Amazon, via our links, will help us to help others like you!

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Spread The Word Through Social Media

Tell the world about the best (and least expensive) anti snoring noise solution on earth!

Just telling others about this fantastic free resource can have a huge impact on our ability to reach others who are suffering.

Copy this link   to The SnorEraser YouTube Channel and paste it into to your shares along with the link that will automatically be included to the "How To Support SnorEraser" page (the page you are currently on).


Purchase And Download SnorEraser Audio Tracks

The free 12 hour SnorEraser videos are the easiest way to enjoy SnorEraser all night long. But having an audio copy of each of the SnorEraser editions stored on your mobile device, can be a life saver when a reliable internet connection is not available.

The same dependable anti snoring technology that you enjoy via our YouTube channel can be with you whenever and wherever you go. Ready to protect your sleep at the touch of a button!

Help Me In My Quest

I successfully sold SnorEraser downloads to satisfied customers all over the world, for over a decade.

But, I just kept feeling that there had to be a way to help even those who could not afford my products. While at the same time providing the ability to convince people, who may initially be skeptical about the fact that a hybrid (snoring specific) masking sound is in fact the only dependable solution to their ongoing, snoring noise induced, insomnia problems. 

I'm happy to say that I found a way to help millions of people to experience the benefits of SnorEraser and sleep better, regardless of their financial status or initial skepticism.

YouTube is the perfect platform for making my dream a reality. It is extremely easy for the consumer to use (requiring no knowledge of how to download and use digital files) just about anywhere in the world, it can be used for free and it is available 24/7!

The catch is... Reaching as many people as possible (millions) requires that The SnorEraser YouTube Channel continues to grow in popularity.

That's where you come in!

Together, we need to show the bots (and people too) at YouTube, that The SnorEraser Channel is very important!

YouTube measures likes, comments, subscriptions, playlist creations, back links, social media shares, and more, to determine a channel's worth and placement in the ranking structure.

Please do whatever you can!

And let's make my dream come true... TOGETHER!

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Let's Do This!

Pick as many of the options above as you feel comfortable with.

There is no right or wrong here.

Any way you choose to participate will help!

Lots of people doing little things for others can literally change the world!

Together, we can make a difference!