How SnorEraser Works

Because of it’s advanced one of a kind technology SnorEraser is the ONLY solution on the market that is backed by A GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL NOT BE DISTURBED BY SNORING NOISE, even while sleeping right next to someone who snores!

How Can We Make This One Of A Kind Promise?

SnorEraser works very differently than any other so called “solution” out there. And was actually invented because nothing else can effectively eliminate 100% of the distraction caused by a partner’s nearby snoring. Everything else can only partially block or partially drown out the noise of snoring — and no other solution works even close to as perfectly as SnorEraser does.

SnorEraser’s revolutionary invention is a very sophisticated audio masking pattern, which is formulated specifically for snoring. Simply play it as recommended through earbuds, speaker pillows and many other ways to suite your personal preferences and budget and you will hear zero snoring noise, allowing you to sleep peacefully, right next to someone who’s snoring!

SnorEraser Works in a Unique Way!Snoreraser product 3Db

  • SnorEraser doesn’t try to block out the sound of snoring (which is physically impossible, due to bone conduction).
  • It doesn’t drown out the sound, because to do that you would have to listen to something at such a high volume, that it wouldn’t help you sleep!
  • And it doesn’t try to cancel out the sound of snoring, because the snoring noise is too unpredictable for even the most advanced noise-cancelling technology to be of much help.


Instead, SnorEraser masks the sound of snoring more effectively than any other sound on earth.

It actually blends away the key sleep disturbing facet of the snoring. By keeping your inner ear occupied with a smooth, relaxing, continuous sound. So your brain cannot detect the intermittent (start and stop) of the snoring. Which has been proven to be the key agitator.

It is much like using the constant (easily forgotten) sound of a waterfall, fan or an air conditioner. Only this particular formulated sound profile is exceptional at covering up snoring and does it at a lower volume than ANY OTHER SOUND.

SnorEraser lulls the brain into not noticing the stop-start nature of the sound, by playing a sound that’s actually sampled from real snoring noises which allows it to parallel and blend with the actual snoring in a very unique manor.

Think of it like audio camouflage. In the video still frame below, your brain doesn’t easily notice the tiger, when its pattern is matched by its surroundings. SnorEraser works in the same way on an audio level. You don’t notice the individual snores starting and stopping, because SnorEraser creates a smooth, steady, continuous, easily forgettable background snore sound, that your brain easily gets used to (as it does with a fan or air conditioner). Where that would be impossible when you can actually hear the snoring turning on and off.

Tiger and Camo Side By Side

The tiger’s own pattern is the most efficient camouflage to hide the tiger behind!

The result is that your brain can’t tell when your partner is snoring!

Just like different tigers have different stripes. Different people have different snores. That’s why we created and tested a range of three different SnorEraser versions (you get all of them when you buy SnorEraser). Between the three carefully formulated versions, they completely cover over 95% of all live snoring sounds tested!

Each version is tuned to work with a different common snoring sound type — so you can be confident that at least one of the three editions of SnorEraser (included with every order) will effectively give you the 100% relief from snoring noise disturbance!


You get an enlightening an fascinating audio tutorial with your order too!

A twenty two minute walk through, that thoroughly explains the concepts and allows you to experience the benefits of SnorEraser.

You’ll practice (live) exactly how to eliminate your particular partner’s unique snoring, while they are snoring right beside you!



Only $34.95 for a lifetime of snore free sleep!