You Get Three Advanced Formulas!

​Plus Three Additional Sleepwaves Versions!

​And A Guided In Bed Demo/Tutorial!

​You Get To Sleep Undisturbed By Snoring... Tonight!

​​​Combined ​coverage ​spans and eliminates the distraction caused by over 95% of all snoring types!

SnorEraser Multipurpose Image

SnorEraser Multipurpose

Although Multipurpose is the smoothest and mildest of the three formulations, it is incredibly versatile and capable.

Enjoy a pleasant seclusion from the on and off sounds of your partner’s snoring and many other common sound distractions.

Great for snoring noise related insomnia problems, reading, studying, meditation and more.

SnorEraser Extreme

Yes… The name implies the kind of snoring sounds that this formulation has been targeted to mask effectively. Offering hope where there was none previously.

Extreme is a special “course grind” to more easily blend away harsher, raspy snoring types.

We recommend trying all three editions, to find the very best match for your partner’s particular snoring sound.

Even if you think their snoring is... "extreme".

SnorEraser Original Image

SnorEraser Original

The perfect match for your situation may actually fall somewhere in between Multipurpose and Extreme.

That’s the domain of SnorEraser Original. This formula is well suited for most common snoring types.

SnorEraser Original provides a very broad range of coverage and may be used for other applications as well. A perfectly refined version of the “original” prototype, has been providing superior relief since 2007.

PLUS… We Are Including All Three Sleepwaves Editions During This Special Offer!

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Our Incredible Sleepwaves Editions Give You The Same Dependable Snoring Sound Protection As The Regular Editions Above.
With The Addition Of Our Exclusive Binaural Beat Sleep Wave Assistance Technology.

Proven To Help Restless People Calm Down And Dose Off More Easily,

Each of the Sleepwaves editions is identical to it's sibling above. A mild advanced wavering pattern is added at specific frequencies that are known to be associated with the onset of sleep. Your brainwave patterns will then naturally try to synchronize with the soothing patterns in SnorEraser. Making it much easier for you to drift off to a peaceful, natural sleep.

THAT’S NOT ALL… You Also Get A 22 Minute, In Bed, Guided Audio Tutorial!

We Talk You Through And Demonstrate Exactly How To Get The Same Outstanding Results That Thousands Of Other People Are Currently Enjoying, All Over The World!

– PLUS –

We Are Also Including Our Tips For Great Results E-Guide. Which Will Enhance Your Enjoyment Even Further!

In Bed Guided Audio Tutorial

Although SnorEraser is very easy and straight forward to use. Sometimes it’s nice to have someone walk you through exactly how to get the best results possible. This guided audio tutorial is designed to be used in bed, right next to your partner, while they are snoring. The easy to follow recommendations will have you sleeping like a baby in no time!

Tips For Best Results Guide

Some may prefer to have a written guide. We’ve got you covered too!

Our Tips For Best Results Guide covers topics like :

Equipment suggestions, what to look for in apps, other uses and more!

There’s never anything expensive to buy and we’ll show you why!

​The SnorEraser Apps Coming Soon!

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