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​3 Advantages Of MP3 Downloads VS Videos:

  • ​Listen to your favorite edition(s) in screen off mode. No chance of being disturbed by YouTube ads and no extra light distractions to disturb your sleep.
  • ​Ensures that you will be able to use SnorEraser to get your sleep whenever and wherever you need snoring protection. No internet access? No problem... You're prepared!
  • ​Your purchase enables you to use your SnorEraser products on any device you own (now and in the future). There are no restrictions, as long as you use the products for your own personal use!

​Multi-Pack 8 Hour Editions

​Make sure to be ready for anything at anytime, with our economy multi-packs!

​All 6 Editions (best ​seller)

​With all 3 non ​Sleepwaves editions + all 3 Sleepwaves editions, you'll be able to ​block out snoring and get your sleep in almost any situation!

​8 ​HOUR BUNDLE - $2​9.95

​All 3 Non Sleepwaves Editions

​The same span of protection as the package above, without the assistance of ​Sleepwaves. Great for those who are budget con​scious and do not require assistance in falling asleep.

8 HOUR BUNDLE - $1​9.95

​All 3 Sleepwaves Editions

​This package offers the same variety and flexibilty in snoring type coverage as the package above, with the addition of Sleepwaves assistance. The same great sounds enhanced with binaural beat technology!

8 HOUR BUNDLE - $19.95

​Single Track 8 Hour Editions (non Sleepwaves)

​​​For those who already have a favorite and​ are confident that ​their needs will not be likely to change.​

​​Multipurpose (most popular)

​The name says it all!  SnorEraser Multipurpose is the smoothest of the three main types. Offering excellent coverage for most snoring sounds. Plus it's the ultimate companion whan you want to enjoy distraction free solitude!

SINGLE - $9.95


​This is the original prototype re-mastered. It's domain is the grey area between the Multipurpose and Extreme editions, giving you more ability to fine home in on your snorer's particular snoring sounds. Also great for blocking out distractions ​during other activities.

SINGLE - $9.95


​A more agressive sound profile, formulated for use against harsh, raspy snoring sounds. Extreme does not necessarily mean "best". You want the sound that best matches your partner's snoring sounds. But, if you need a little extra "kick"...

SINGLE - $9.95

​Single Track 8 Hour Editions (​With Sleepwaves)

​​Binaural beat technology takes advantage of your brain's natural tendancy to synchronize with ambient beat patterns. These editions can help you drift off, on those "more difficult" nights.

​​Multipurpose SW

​The same sound profile as the non ​Sleepwaves version. With the proven assistance of Sleepwaves. You'll detect a mild wavering that is very soothing and relaxing.

SINGLE - $9.95

​Original SW

​Aahhh! Sleepwaves take me away! Enjoy​ outstanding protection from snoring sounds, as the mild wavering of the binaural beat patterns lull you to sleep.

SINGLE - $9.95

​Extreme SW

​Imagine drifting off to sleep, without a care in the world, with a 900 lb Grizzly sleeping next to you (in a cage of course). That is what this last resort sound profile can do for those who have tried it all!

SINGLE - $9.95 

​Space Saving 1 Hour Editions

​All of the 1 hour editions listed below are identical in every way to their matching 8 hour editions.The only difference is in the length of play. 

The drawback to using the shorter files, is that there ​may be some difficulty in achieving a smooth transition when the track loops / repeats each hour. These tracks are offered to help you save storage space on your device.

​All 6 Editions
​All 3 Non Sleepwaves Editions
​All 3 Sleepwaves Editions
​SnorEraser Multipurpose
SnorEraser Original
SnorEraser Extreme
SnorEraser Multipurpose SW
SnorEraser Original SW
SnorEraser Extreme SW

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