SnorEraser ​Extreme


​​If you have tried SnorEraser Multipurpose and Original and you want "a little more kick", Extreme was made for you!

​​SnorEraser Exteme is your last bastion of hope! This one pushes snore masking technology to the "extreme" upper edge!

SnorEraser ​Extreme is​ popular because of it's ​ability to cover up snoring sounds that are very harsh and raspy (like a grizzly bear)!

Take SnorEraser Extreme with you wherever you go, ready to protect your sleep at the touch of a button!

  •  No more annoying ads!
  • Plays with your screen off for total darkness!
  • Use your favorite music app!
  • No internet connection? No problem!
  • One time payment for unlimited access, not a subscription!
  • Accidentally deleted? Just download again!

​Sleepwaves ​Maximum Protection + ​Help In Drifting Off To Sleep

​Based on the same high performance sound with all the same great features listed above. PLUS soothing binaural beat brainwave synchronization technology safely and gently helps you to doze off to a peaceful, natural sleep.



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Who is SnorEraser for?

​SnorEraser was born out of necessity. Out of a need for something that could block out snoring completely, in a sea of products that only provided varying degrees of reduction, rather than elimination.

SnorEraser appeals most to people who have tried numerous other "solutions" and who are acutely aware that snoring sounds can easily be heard while using the best noise cancelling headphones, top quality earplugs for snoring and other masking sounds that are not specifically formulated for snoring sounds.​

Simply put... If you want to sleep next to someone who snores, without being disturbed at all, SnorEraser is ​the only solution that can allow that to happen!

H​ow long has SnorEraser been available?

​AudEscapes, Inc. was founded in 2009 and in September of 2009 SnorEraser was first offered for sale to the public.

SnorEraser was a hit right from the beginning and is currently being used by ​hundreds of thousands of happy customers, all over the globe.

​Are earbuds/headphones ​required?

​No, ​But there are two reasons that we highly recommend them...

  1. ​Earbuds, earphones and headphones, etc.. are simply the quickest, easiest and most affordable way of making SnorEraser emanate from a point which is between you and the snorer. ​All masking systems work best when ​used in this way.
  2. ​To receive the benefits of the three "Sleepwaves" binaural beat editions, Earbuds, earphones and headphones, etc.. are required.

That being said... Some customers report getting great results using speaker pillows, bone conduction pillows, etc.. So there are literally unlimited possibilities!

​Is my payment secure?

​We only use two well known and reputable payment processing companies. PayPal and Stripe.

You select which one you prefer to use during the checkout process.

​AudEscapes, Inc. (the company behind SnorEraser) never sees or has access to your financial details, such as card number, etc..

At no time do we sell or share your other personal information... name, email address, etc.. with any other entity.

What happens after I make my purchase?

​As soon as you complete your purchase, our system immediately transfers you to our thank you page. Please review this page thoroughly, as it contains important information regarding your purchase. At the same time our system sends out two emails automatically.

One email is the receipt for your purchase and the other will contain ​the links that you will use to access your secure product file(s).

​We provide you with everything you will need to acquire and/or install your purchased products.

​How do I get help if I need it?

​We have a very comprehensive and informative helpdesk, that will provide immediate answers to just about any question you may have.

We have condensed years of customer inquiries and feedback for your convenience.

But, it doesn't stop there...

If you should have any questions that are not addressed in the helpdesk, you can easily create a help ticket and send it to our knowledgeable customer care team

We are committed to responding to your inquiry within one business day and most often reply within hours.

Visit our helpdesk here...