​#1 ​White Noise For Snoring In The World!​Why do we cross out the words “white noise”? And use the term “non-white noise for snoring”?​Because the term “white noise” has been tarnished by those who are calling every sound under the sun “white noise”. It makes it extremely difficult for a consumer to zero in on

​Downloading Pure Pink Noise ​Downloading the 1-hour pink noise MP3 onto your device makes it available on-demand, anytime, anywhere, even when you do not have internet access.  You can use an auto-repeat / loop play feature that is available on most audio apps and players to play the track as long as you like.   Pure pink noise


Great Customer Service! I honestly can’t believe how GREAT the customer service is behind this app. I emailed them with an issue and got a response super fast. Instead of waiting days, I had my correspondence answered within hours with pleasing success. I have NEVER seen this level of customer satisfaction from a developer and