About Us

What Makes Us Unique

​We provide uniquely effective snoring noise solutions for people who fit one or more of the following categories:

  • ​People who cannot or do not want to involve the snorer in solving the snoring noise problem.
  • People who have tried involving the snoring partner in solving the snoring problem, with little or no success.
  • People who feel that having their own effective defense against the snoring noise, just makes more sense.
  • People who have tried other "self defense" techniques, such as earplugs, noise cancelling headphones and white noises only to discover that they are still bothered by the snoring.
  • People who would like to have a versatile means of eliminating common intermittent sound distractions ​that interfere with activities such as: reading, studying, meditation, relaxation after a busy day and more.

​​​A Very Different Approach

Our approach to solving the problem of sleeping in the same room with someone who has a snoring problem, is focused on giving the non-snoring partner (the true victim of the noise) the power to totally and completely eliminate hearing of the primary cause of the distraction of snoring, which is actually the erratic on and off fluctuation, rather than the sound quality (timbre) of the individual snores ​per se.

Where all other competing "solutions" offer only varying degrees of reduction of the distraction, which of course does not eliminate hearing of that causal fluctuation.

We have discovered the two little known primary physical dynamics of hearing (bone conduction and the occlusion effect), that have caused all other "self defense" techniques to fail in providing the 100% elimination of the distraction which is caused by snoring noise. ​100% elimination is absolutely necessary for most people to achieve undisturbed, consistent sleep, in the presence of nearby snoring.

​By flooding the ear canal with a smooth, consistent background sound that shares similar timbre characteristics with snoring we are able to provide the only way of achieving the coveted 100% elimination threshold, while only using a sleep friendly volume level. This is not possible with sounds like white noise, etc.., which require approximately 2 1/2 times the volume on average.

We have also ​uncovered evidence that all "snoring solutions" (regardless of their effectiveness) that focus on preventing the snoring from actually occurring in the first place are proned to failure, simply because they require active and on going participation by the snorer. ​Who in most cases, is not losing much, if any sleep.

Bone Conduction Image

​Bone conduction allows over 50% of the sound of snoring to bypass anything covering or plugging your ear canal.

The Occlusion Effect

The occlusion effect increases the volume of trapped sound while wearing earplugs, etc..

​The Customer Still Comes First

​Brian McKenna - CEO AudEscapes, Inc. Former Professional Firefighter

​​I have ​chosen to spend my life helping others and I insist that every aspect of my companies must reflect my principles and ideals, which are:

  • Do unto others as you would have them do unto you... It's simple!
  • ​Conduct yourself with honesty and integrity.
  • ​Demand more of yourself than anyone else could ever ask.
  • ​Provide more than the customer expects.
  • ​"The customer is always right" must be kept alive. I believe it is one of the ​​cornerstones of business. One which we must all fight to preserve.
  • ​I don't win if you don't win. I believe that the purchase of a good product is an exchange of value. My customers work hard for their money and when you exchange that hard work for my products, you will get a product that works hard for you as well.
  • Provide great products at a fair price. Too many companies are trying to squeeze out every last penny they can get from their products anymore. I believe that this hurts our economy and accelerates inflation. I am committed to keeping my products affordable to everyone who may be in need of them.
  • The best products and inventions are borne out of need. I can assure you that SnorEraser is one of those products. It represents the ONLY thing that has been able to solve my own snoring noise related insomnia.