Instantly Transform Any Reasonable Quality Headphones Into Effective...

​​"Snore Cancelling Headphones"
Using ​​Our Non White Noise

Precision Masking Technology

​And Block Out Snoring Completely


Unassisted Noise  Cancelling Headphones 
Are Seriously Hindered By Two ​Factors:

#1 -  Bone Conduction
#2 - Unavoidable Delayed Response
Masking Sounds ​Provide The Only Way To Concur Bone Conduction
And ​Our Snore Masking Technology Is

The Most Advanced In The World!

​Are Snore Cancelling Headphones ​Necessary To ​Block Out Snoring Completely?

​When Bose, the ​world's foremost authority on noise cancelling technology and by far the largest producer of noise cancelling headphones and earbuds, ​publicly declares in writing that even if you combine the partial passive blocking provided by headphones ​and earbuds with their state of the art noise reduction technology, you will still be able to hear your partner snoring right beside you! And that masking technology is essential to enjoying undisturbed sleep in noisy environments. You can rest assured that noise cancelling headphones will not solve your snoring noise related insomnia problem.

Although ​Bose claims to be providing a new solution to this problem, Sleepbuds. ​They are in fact a decade behind and are using obsolete sounds that cannot be tuned to match your partner's exact sounds (as do all other masking products) that do not ​use precision snore matching technology and therefore require higher volume levels in order to reach the full masking threshold (the point where the snoring can no longer be heard turning on and off).

When it comes to precision snore masking technology, they still have a lot to learn.

SnorEraser​ is the only snore masking product that ​has been using our exclusive Like Timbre Masking Technology (LTMT) since 2008. SnorEraser exclusively provides the nearest match to active snoring, because our unique technology uses only sounds extracted from real human snoring. Therefore providing a smooth, continuous, and relaxing sound that blends with snoring better than ANY OTHER SOUND ON EARTH.

What that means for you, is that you can totally eliminate the distraction of your partner's snoring, using the absolute minimum volume possible. The SnorEraser anti snoring apps also feature a built in equalizer and other great benefits, so that you can further fine tune ​and match your unique partner's snoring sounds. The better the match, the lesser the volume requirement.

Unlike other​ products, SnorEraser anti snoring apps and downloads provide you with complete freedom of choice.

​Use whatever media players, smartphones. headphones, earbuds, speaker pillows, etc.. that fit your lifestyle and your budget and still get great results because our snore masking technology is second to none!


​​What you will discover here, that you cannot find ​anywhere else:

  • The ​Strengths And Weaknesses Of Snore Cancelling Headphones For Sleeping
  • Why Yo​​​​u Can Still Hear Snoring Clearly While Using "The Best Earplugs For Snoring" ​
  • The ABC's Of Various ​Types Of Sounds For Sleeping
  • ​How The New Anti Snoring Apps ​Are Changing The ​Game In Anti Snoring Sounds Techn​ology
  • Specifically How Snoring Actually Keeps You Awake And What To Do About It
  • ​​Why There Is ​Only One Way To Block Out Snoring Completely And Yes, We Tell You Exactly How To Do It

Why All  "Snore Cancelling Headphones For Sleeping" ​Let Snoring Sounds Go Right By!

Bone conduction ​enables 50% + of the snoring sounds to bypass whatever is covering your ears!

​You might be as surprised as I was, to discover that a significant amount of ​snoring sounds (​more than 50%) can reach your inner ear without first traveling through your ear canal (this type of hearing is known as air conduction).

In fact  you could hear the snoring very clearly even if your outer ear were removed and healed over. While this ​may be ​a little unsettling to imagine, ​it is ​critical for you to understand​!

Think about that for a second...

What that means is that regardless of what you put over or inside your ears, noise cancelling or not, you are still going to hear at least 50% of ​any nearby snoring!

​The bone conducted portion of the snoring sound cannot be influenced in any way by the so called "snore cancelling headphones for sleeping" ​The design, quality, and expense of the noise cancelling headphones has much less of an effect on your overall results than you may have ​imagined they could.

So trying to determine which noise cancelling headphones cancel the best is not going to solve your problem.

​The same ​physical laws apply to "The Best Earplugs For Snoring" as they do to "Snore Cancelling Headphones For Sleeping". But there is something else you need to know about the inability of earplugs to block out snoring completely​, which ​is the only way for you to sleep totally undisturbed by your partner's snoring.

Misleading NRR (Ratings) Of "The Best Earplugs  For Snoring" ​What  You Don't Know ​Will Cost You A Lot Of Sleep!

​There is more to noise reduction ratings (NRR) than meets the ear.

The 33dB Noise Reduction Rating of the best earplugs for snoring does not (cannot) factor in sound that travels around the earplugs via bone conduction. These ratings are only based upon the amount of the original sound that can pass directly through the earplug itself. Bone conducted sound is never even considered when compiling these ratings.

Reduction VS Elimination: Be aware that the operative word in "noise reduction rating" is reduction. Don't be fooled into thinking that the best earplugs for snoring can block out snoring completely. Earplugs have never been able to block out snoring completely, but many crafty marketers claim that they do exactly that.


If there were a hole in a sound proof wall and a sound of say 85 decibels was passing through the hole, blocking the hole with a 33dB NRR earplug would only reduce the sound to approximately 52dB on the other side of the wall, which is still easily heard.

But, your head (flesh, bone, and cartilage) is far from being a sound proof wall! Which even further reduces the effectiveness of "the best earplugs for snoring"!

The Occlusion Effect Amplifies Bone Conducted  Snoring Sounds!

The Occlusion Effect

​When there is an obstruction (occlusion) in your ear canal, such as an earplug, bone conducted sound enters through the walls of the ear canal and then bounces back and forth between your ear drum and the earplug. As the sound continues to enter with no way to escape, pressure increases inside of the canal. You experience this increased pressure as an increase in the volume (amplification) of the original sound.

What this means is that when the sound gets behind your earplugs it gets louder, further reducing the effectiveness of the earplugs!

Don't Believe It? Take The ​20 Second Self Test

In a quite environment, begin by tapping your lower teeth against your upper teeth, fairly rapidly (about two times per second). Continue tapping and then gently plug your ears completely (enough to get a seal) with your fingertips. Then unplug your ears and repeat several times.

The very noticeable increase in volume you just experienced was caused by the occlusion effect. 

This same effect takes place when you ​use earplugs for snoring.

By the way... How did you hear the tapping in the first place?

That was bone conduction at work.

Now you ​know that bone conduction and the occlusion effect are very real!

Limited Reduction Is The Best That "Snore Cancelling Headphones For Sleeping" & "The Best Earplugs For Snoring" Can Offer!

​​You have probably tried everything from plugging your ears with your fingers and covering your head with your pillow, to the most expensive noise cancelling headphones for snoring. Only to find time and time again that you can still hear​ snoring sounds quite clearly.!

Now you know that bone conduction is the reason why nothing has worked for you in the past.

But, did you know that there is nothing on the face of this earth that can stop snoring sounds that contact your head, from reaching your inner ear via bone conduction?

​But, ​many people wonder: Why isn't snoring sound reduction enough to allow you to sleep without being disturbed?

snoring solutions image

Snoring Sounds Keep You Awake Because They Start And Stop Irratically

​​If you get ​nothing else from this website... Understand this: Surpassing tone, volume and all other factors. It is the intermittent, constantly changing volume, on and off nature of the snoring that makes it so difficult to sleep.

​If you can hear this starting and stopping at all, it is enough to make consistant sleep impossible and as we all know... consitant sleep is one of the most important keys to health, longevity and productivity!

​The reason that millions of couples end up seeking separate sleeping arrangements is that they ​eventually ​discover the cold hard truth, that NOTHING can block snoring from traveling through ​​their skull and into ​​their inner ears.

​If only they knew about THE OTHER HALF OF THE EQUATION!

In Just A Few Minutes, You Have Already Learned What Most People Never Discover In A Lifetime!

  • How Bone Conducted Sound Bypasses All Snore Blocking And Cancelling Devices.
    ​This pathway can allow you to hear more than 50% of the original volume of certain sounds, like snoring. This occurs regardless of what device(s) you may be using to reduce the sounds that would pass through your ear canal.
  • How The Occlusion Effect Greatly Reduces The Claimed NRR Of The Best Earplugs For Snoring.
    ​Bone conducted sound enters the ear canal, via bone conduction, behind the earplugs and bounces back and forth causing an increase in the volume of the trapped snoring sounds.
  • How Snoring Sounds Actually Keep You Awake And How Blocking And Cancelling Devices Fail To ​Address The Real Issue.
    ​​Much ​like hearing ​a neighbor's dog barking down the street or the sound of a dripping faucet. If you can hear the snoring turning on and off at all, you are going to lose a lot of sleep. ​​That is why total elimination (the ability to block out snoring completely) is absolutely critical for consistent sleep. Any technique that results in reduction of the sound fluctuations, rather than eliminating them completely, fails to address the cause of your sleep loss.

​​Are Anti Snoring Sounds For Sleeping The Missing Link?

​White Noise Has To Be Played At About 2 1/2 Times The Volume Of Snoring, But There Are Better Options

​​​White noise is among the most popular masking sounds for sleeping, but how does it fair when applied to snoring problems?

Timbre is a word that is used to describe all of the qualities of a given sound. These qualities include pitch, vibrato, and intensity, etc..

The problem with white noise for snoring problems, is that it's timbre is nothing like the timbre of snoring.

Because of this ​gross mismatch in timbre, white noise has to be played at approximately two and a half times the amplitude (volume) of the snoring. So it is easy to see that white noise simply has to be played too loudly in order to reach the full masking threshold of common snoring.

​Most people agree that pure white noise is a very unpleasant hissing sound to begin with and ​the need to play it at ear piercing levels, to reach the full masking threshold of snoring, makes it a very poor ​choice of sounds for sleeping in the presence of snoring.

There are many masking sounds available, such as white noise, brown noise, pink noise, blue noise, etc..

Thinking of the task of masking snoring sounds, it may be ​easier for you to think of it in terms of colors.

All of the above color noises would be best suited for masking sounds ​that share similar or identical timbre or "color". For our purposes, snoring sounds can be thought of as a different color of sound, say... "orange noise" for example. Using one continuous color to cover the intermittent sounds of another color is very inefficient. Meaning that the more of a mismatch there is in timbre (color), the more volume will be required to reach the full masking threshold.

​Combining High NRR Earplugs With White Noise... The $1800.00 "​Best Snoring Solution" That Failed!

​​​During my years of seeking a solution ​that could block out snoring completely, I also suffered an acoustic trauma that left me suffering from tinnitus and hyperac​usis in my right ear. Both of which made me hyper sensitive to snoring sounds.

In the process of trying to relieve my symptoms, I came across an Audiologist in nearby Philadelphia, who was using a cutting edge technique which employed the use of eight hours of nightly white noise exposure to detune a client's tinnitus sensitivity. 

​Viennatone White Noise Masker

​She made custom molds of my ear canals and I eagerly placed an $1800.00 order for a pair of Viennatone Precision White Noise Maskers (one of my personal viennatones is pictured above).

Upon their arrival, the audiologist ​instructed me on how to balance the sound between my ears, while I was wearing them.

That is when it occurred to me that these ​high tech devices ​might just "kill two birds with one stone".

Hopefully they would relieve my symptoms (which they did help tremendously). But I now had a pair of the best earplugs for snoring imaginable!  Quality high nrr earplugs with built-in white noise? Awesome!

Time to kiss the snoring noise insomnia goodbye!!!

Not so fast!

​Upon putting them into action, with much enthusiasm I might add, I was shocked to discover that I could still hear my wife's snoring very clearly, even with the volume on my new ultimate anti snoring earplugs cranked up to full blast. Which was ear piercingly LOUD!

Needless to say... I was extremely disappointed, but I had to find out why this awesome one-two punch wasn't working.

I was very perplexed!

The upside of that experience ​was, that these events s​tarted me on a relentless quest for a solution. And after trying every possible solution I could find, for years. I couldn't believe that there was NOTHING and I mean NOTHING out there that could block out snoring completely!

I made up my mind... ​If I couldn't find something that already worked, I was hell bent on ​coming up with a way of my own to sleep next to my wife, totally undisturbed by the snoring, without her having to get involved in the process, in any way!

My frustration eventually lead me to try: A) $400 noise cancelling headphones + my $1800 white noise maskers combined​ and B) $400 noise cancelling headphones + white noise + $260 custom high tech earplugs combined!

And guess what!

I could still he​ar the snoring clearly enough to make consistent sleep literally impossible!

Solving this problem had now become my passion! I had to concur this thing if it was the last thing I did!

​I had been searching for years and couldn't find anything that could block out snoring completely.

However, I ​remained stubbornly convinced that there had to be a way​!

​A few of my experiments with combined masking sounds, in various frequencies showed enough promise to keep me interested. But, I could still hear the snoring clearly!


​Then one night at about 3:00 am, an idea hit me that changed the game completely and ultimately lead me to discover something that ​would  solve my problem forever!

I Wondered...  Is It The Sound Of The  Individual Snores That Is Keeping Me Awake?  
Or Is It The Erratic On/Off Pattern?

​If the later was the culprit all along, then there was another line of thinking that just might hold some promise!

I wondered, if somehow any ​one of the ​individual snores could be sustained continuously (in one smooth note, if you will)... would my thoughts be able to fade away from that sound, ​as they ​would with a waterfall, air conditioner or a loud fan for example?

There was really only one way to find out for sure and I was desperate enough to give it a shot.

I'd have to record a sample of the snoring and figure out a way to make that sample hold at it's peak for long enough to find out if I could sleep with that sound playing directly in my ears, through my ear buds. What would that sound like?

Well... ​I quickly discovered that smoothing that sample out, while retaining all of the original sound qualities (see timbre discussion above) was no easy task! I knew that if I was to have any chance of sleeping while listening to the sound, I would have to make it absolutely flawless. There could not be any fluctuation in the sound at all. It had to be perfectly smooth!

I  Realized That I Had Stumbled Upon The Best Anti Snoring Sounds Humanly Possible!

​​During the months when I was developing a perfectly smooth and consistent prototype. It also occurred to me that what I was actually developing, was the most efficient masking sound in the world for my wife's snoring!

Because the smooth sound that I was developing wasn't ​just similar in timbre to the snoring... It was virtually identical! It was her snoring, smoothed out! Therefore it would have a 1:1 masking ratio, rather than the extremely inefficient 2.5:1 ratio of white noise!

If you recall (from above) the reason that white noise for sleeping is so ineffective for snoring, is the extreme mismatch in the timbre (the sum of all of the sound qualities) of white noise, with the timbre of the actual snoring.

​This drastic mismatch in sound qualities causes a need for very high volume, in order to fully mask snoring sounds.

​But, the opposite was true for the precision matched sounds for sleeping that I was developing!

The equation basically works like this: 

The volume required for a smooth sound to fully mask an intermittent sound is directly proportional to the ​likeness ​in the timbre ​of the two sounds!

Be​st match = lowe​st volume requirement and Worst match = highest volume requirement... Simple!

I couldn't wait to try my first prototype for two reasons... I wanted to see how well it worked of course, but I was also very curious to see if the sound produced would be a good, conducive sound for sleeping as well!​

​Judgement Day Had Arrived... Was It "The Bomb" Or A "Dismal Dud"?

After months of working with the best audio software and consulting with audiologists, I finally developed a dependable method for extracting a totally smooth, consistent sound, extracted from a real snoring sample!

Now that I had my first prototype ready to go, I loaded it onto my media player and plugged in a set of padded earbuds (dependable wireless options weren't available back then).

I was actually excited for my wife to start her nightly snoring​!

"​I Could Feel The Vibrations On The Back Of My Neck... But, I Couldn't Hear The Snoring At All!"

Couple Sleeping Peacefully In Bed Together

​​On the night of my first test, my wife nestled up behind me and was holding me as she faded off to sleep. ​When she began ​snoring, I inserted my foam padded earbuds and hit the play button on my media player. I gradually increased the volume and when I reached about the halfway point of the volume that I ​could tolerate ​during white noise tests, THE SNORING COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED! IT WAS LIKE MAGIC! 

For the first time in all those years of trying everything under the sun, I could not detect even the slightest hint of the snoring turning on and off!

​My wife was lying so closely behind me that I could feel the vibrations on the back of my neck... But, I couldn't hear the snoring AT ALL! I was amazed ​by how simple and effective my new anti snoring sounds were! I slept like a baby that night, knowing that I had discovered something truly revolutionary and unique...

​In all my years of almost daily searching, this was the only thing that ever allowed me to completely block out snoring, even as my wife's nose was just inches from the back of my neck!

​Then It ​Hit Me... ​This Is Something That Can Help Millions Of  Hopeless Snoring Noise ​Victims,  All Over The World!

After a few months of using my new invention to sleep like a baby, totally undisturbed by my wife's snoring. It occurred to me that I could easily convert this sound file into the popular .mp3 format and make it available for virtually anyone, anywhere in the world, to instantly download my precision anti snoring sounds and to enjoy the same benefits that I was enjoying, instantly, at any time of the day or night! ​

​I proceeded to build a corporation and a delivery system and began selling my invention online.

Shortly after offering my product, I began receiving all kinds of testimonials thanking me for saving relationships and marriages! For making it possible to move back into the same bedrooms after years of sleeping apart! For saving couples from booking separate accommodations when traveling! From athlete's claiming to perform better as a result of their improved sleep! And to my surprise.. From people who used it for reading, studying and other creative ways!

Over the first couple of years, I had asked for feedback on how I could make my invention even better.

And based on that feedback and recorded snoring samples that I received and collected, I developed two more variations that were based on other snoring profiles. And between the three variations my customer feedback tells me that my customers are able to find a winning profile 94.7% of the time! That is a stunning success rate!

Especially when you consider that all of those people had previously experienced ZERO SUCCESS w​hile trying thousands of other techniques!

My lifelong desire to find a way to make a significant contribution to society and positively impact the lives of others, has now become a reality. All because of my relentless pursuit of a solution to my own snoring problem!

​How ​"Sleepwaves"  Technology ​​Gives You 
A​n​ Added Advantage Over Snoring Noise Related Insomnia!

Your brain has a natural tendency to synchronize with rhythms in your environment. This phenomenon is known as the follow response. The follow response works with visual, audible and kinesthetic (touch) cues.

If a stimulus from any of these sources is received at rhythms that coincide with brainwave frequency ranges of ​given states of mind, such as heightened concentration and alertness, relaxation and meditation, ​AND ​DROWSINESS. The follow response can assist you in reaching that desired state more quickly and easily.

When used in an audio form, one very effective way to ​take advantage of the follow response, is by offsetting the frequencies of the left and right sound channels by the desired frequency in hertz (​cycles per second). Your brain will interpret this offset as a wavering or "beats" and begin to synchronize with it. This particular technique is known as binaural beat technology and it works best when some type of earphones, earbuds, etc.. are used to deliver the offset sounds directly to each ear.

Frequency Ranges And Related States Of Mind





​15 - 40 Hz

​​alert, working, play, etc..


​9 - 14 Hz



​5 - 8 Hz

​​drowsiness, deep meditation


1.5 - 4 Hz


​I infused binaural beats (a mild wavering), at a frequency of 4.​7 hertz, into each of the three "standard" editions. ​This created ​three new phenomenal ​sister editions, that can totally eliminate the distraction of snoring sounds AND assist you in fading off to a peaceful, natural sleep, even on those "more difficult nights"!

What snoring noise solution have you ever heard of that can do all of that?!!

​I Had To Think Of An Appropriate Name For My Invention...


Why SnorEraser?

Because it's the only "one word" name that really describes what my invention does in a nutshell.

  • ​SnorEraser erases snoring disruptions! 
  • ​SnorEraser erases countless hours of lost sleep! 
  • ​SnorEraser erases wasting years and thousands of dollars, trying ​products that belong to classes of solutions that ​physically CANNOT ​block out snoring completely!
  • ​SnorEraser erases having to confront and convince the snorer!
  • ​SnorEraser erases broken concentration when people ​need to study!
  • ​SnorEraser erases sleeping in separate quarters at home and while traveling!
  • ​Adding Sleepwaves (binaural beat technology) erases the difficulty of falling asleep, naturally and peacefully!
  • ​And... As a result of all that erasing... SnorEraser can erase your insomnia, stress, frustration, fatigued driving and in some cases (according to my customers' reviews) even a trip to divorce court!

SnorEraser makes possible what nothing before it has ever made possible.

SnorEraser is the ONLY PRODUCT IN THE WORLD (and I ​openly invite anyone to prove me wrong​) that makes it possible to completely block out the intermittent ​sounds of snoring, while the user is lying right next to someone who is snoring ​​(​​​when used as recommended of course​)​​​. Without requiring the extreme, intolerable volume levels that are necessary when using any other masking sounds. All of this, while requiring absolutely zero participation by the snorer whatsoever!

  • 1
    ​Unmatched Protection: ​Follow the super simple steps outlined in our included guided audio tutorial and SnorEraser can completely block out your partner's snoring, like nothing else can!
  • 2
    ​Unmatched Personalization: ​Quickly and easily select the best match for your particular partner's snoring sound type. Then fine tune and save your settings (up to 5 profiles) for easy future recall.
  • 3
    ​Unmatched Versatility: ​SnorEraser is available as a package download and as a feature rich app. Allowing you to transform just about any media player or smartphone into a state of the art anti snoring device! And you'll get great results with an almost endless array of listening hardware, that fits your personal preferences and budget.
  • 4
    Unmatched Availability: ​You can download SnorEraser and/or install the SnorEraser app(s) at anytime of the day or night, anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection. (Once installed, no internet connection is required for instant anytime use.)

The SnorEraser App is now available in the Android and iOS app stores!

What People Are Saying About ​SnorEraser

Adrian C image

“​It's awesome and worth every penny”

“​ Sweet sleep, I missed you.   Bought this is 2015 or 16. Saved my marriage! I play the 8hr original through a soft headband headphone wrap. I added soft rubber ear plugs, because I sleep next to a human train.  This has made it sound like sleeping next to a fan, and only the fan. It's awesome and worth every penny"

​Adrienne  C.
- ​Google Play Store Review ​February 2018

“​Amazing product to help light sleepers get a full night of rest."

“​ Amazing product to help light sleepers get a full night of rest. If you sleep next to a snorer, this is your solution!  Forget white noise apps, this actually drowns out the sound of snoring. Thank you for having such a wonderfully positive impact on my life!"

​Slawek Bielawa
- ​Google Play Store Review ​​March 2018
snoring testimonial a image

“​sharing the same bed again after six years of sleeping in separate rooms"

“​ I wanted to get back to you to let you know what a life saver your SnorEraser has been for me.

My husband and I are sharing the same bed again after six years of sleeping in separate rooms. All because I found your website.

​Mary Ann D.
- ​ Review April 2012

​Three Great  Low Cost Options To ​Suit Your Needs!

​SnorEraser is the most effective, most versatile anti snoring product that money can buy.

There is no other product on earth that can do what SnorEraser can do for you... AT ANY PRICE!

$​250 ​Sleepbuds Sleep Noise Maskers - CANNOT DO IT!

$260 Custom Fitted / Highest NRR Earplugs - CANNOT DO IT!

$400 Premium Noise Cancelling Headphones - CANNOT DO IT!

$1800 High NRR Precision White Noise Maskers - CANNOT DO IT!


Right now we are offering you three temporary price packages to suit your personal needs and your budget! These are limited time offers, so get your best option today, before the upcoming price changes!



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​90 Day



“​ Best Snoring Solution I've Found"

“​I love your product and the app. After trying a large number of things to help with sleeping with a snoring wife, yours is the only one that worked. When I'm using SnorEraser with a comfortable set of earbuds, I can't hear the snoring at all; not to mention, the sounds have become a soothing way to go to sleep. Thanks for an excellent product and outstanding customer service."

​"Papa Len"  
- ​iTunes App Store February 2018


“ I didn't see a spot to review your product but wanted to let you know it's awesome!!!!  My girlfriend snores like a freight train and was worried it might be a deal breaker for us.  I plug into my Ipod and sleep like a baby.

Also, just got back from a golf trip where I shared a room with two "grizzly bears" that I've roomed with for many sleepless nights over the years.  I tried my ipod with music, books and regular white noise.  But with my snoreraser mp3, I didn't hear a sound.

Now if you could only come up with a product to keep me from snoring....

You are awesome!!!

Thank you   Marty"

​Martin Wukich
- ​SnorEraser Customer Care Email Received April 2015
​Brian McKenna

Creator of ​SnorEraser

About the Author

​I didn't ​invent "SnorEraser" with the i​ntention of selling it to anyone else.

SnorEraser is a byproduct of my personal battle with the ongoing insomnia that ​I experienced as result of my wife's snoring.

My relentless pursuit of anything that could allow me to sleep undisturbed, next to my snoring wife, went unrewarded for years.

Literally nothing in existence could do what I was looking for.

​Then one night, in the wee hours of the morning, I was blessed with an idea that literally changed my life forever. I used my invention to sleep peacefully for months before it ever occurred to me just how easily I could share my life changing idea with others who ​​were suffering ​the way I ​once did.

I wouldn't offer SnorEraser for sale if I didn't know for a fact that it works like nothing else on earth. I have my own personal triumph and the testimony of thousands of satisfied customers, from nearly every country on the planet, to prove it's value.

One of my greatest rewards in life ​has been hearing about the positive impact that my ​invention has had on the lives of so many others.

That in itself helps me sleep better at night.

I am forever grateful to my loving wife, who agreed long ago to be "the sacrificial lamb" and ​share our very personal story publicly, so that others may benefit from our discoveries.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and learn about SnorEraser!

​What If I Try SnorEraser And  It Doesn't Work For Me?

​In the very unlikely event that you follow the recommendations provided in our very informative, guided, (in bed) audio tutorial and provide our customer care team ample opportunity to troubleshoot your situation AND you still don't get the results that we promise are possible... We would then provide a reimbursement of the original purchase price you paid.

However, due to the fact the products are digital in nature (downloads/apps), we do not offer simple refunds for reasons such as "I don't like it" etc.. .  Buying our digital products offers many huge advantages over many tangible (in store) products. However one disadvantage, as in the case of all major department stores where you cannot return a music CD after purchase, is that the purchase is non-refundable.

Please do not ask for a refund without affording us adequate opportunity to assist you in the proper use of the product(s). As mentioned above, we will do everything in our power to help you get the results that we promise are possible.

We do not leave our customers "out in the dark" and sincerely want you to experience all of the great benefits that SnorEraser has to offer.​

​Does SnorEraser Work For Everyone?

​No... Some people are capable of producing snoring sounds at volume levels that can actually hurt ​the ears of those in ​close proximity, with consistent exposure. In such cases, your only real option ​would be to sleep in separate quarters, as using a masking sound (even one as effective as SnorEraser) would be. If your partner's snoring is so loud that it hurts your ears, do not buy SnorEraser and move to a separate sleeping room immediately.

We maintain a data base of our customer success statistics and the fact is that 5.3% of customers who give SnorEraser a legitimate try (by using the product as recommended in our provided guided audio tutorial) are unable to successfully sleep undisturbed by their partner's snoring.

That being said... We are very proud of our 94.7% success rate!

​SnorEraser vs ​Noise Cancelling/Earplugs

​There is only one thing that can make noise cancelling headphones block out snoring completely and that is ​by adding SnorEraser! Conversely, there are hundreds of ways that you can use SnorEraser effectively, that you choose based on your personal likes, dislikes, sleeping style, and budget!

Noise cancelling can help, in the sense that you can use even less volume to reach the full masking threshold while using SnorEraser. But, SnorEraser is so effective that noise cancellation is simply unnecessary in ​the vast majority of cases. If your partner's snoring is extremely loud, noise cancellation may help, but again, that is usually not the case.

P.S. - There is NO WAY to improve the sorely lacking capabilities of earplugs for snoring... They are what they are!


used as recommended

  • angle-right
    ​Capable of providing 100% isolation from ​snoring sound fluctuations
  • angle-right
    ​Allows infinite customization, tune out your specific partner's snoring
  • angle-right
    ​Overcomes the problem of bone conducted sound transfer
  • angle-right
    ​Overcomes the problem of the occlusion effect
  • angle-right
    Sleepwaves help you to calm down and fall asleep more easily

NC Headphones/Earplugs


  • angle-right
    ​You'll hear at least 50% of the original volume of the snoring ​fluctuations
  • angle-right
    ​No customization specific to your partner's particular snoring sounds
  • angle-right
    ​These devices only address sounds that would pass through the e​ar canal
  • angle-right
    ​Snoring sound gets trapped behind earplugs and increases in volume and nothing can be done about it.
  • angle-right
    ​No Sleepwaves assistance

Here's What You Get ​With SnorEraser (​That You Cannot Get Anywhere Else)

  • angle-right
    ​The capability of sleeping beside your partner without being disturbed by their snoring... at all!
  • angle-right
    ​An extremely versatile product that ​can be adapted to your specific partner's snoring.
  • angle-right
    ​A product that allows you to choose from a vast array of listening hardware. To suit your personal preferences and budget.
  • angle-right
    ​A relaxing "place" to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life (read, study, etc..)
  • angle-right
    ​Three great purchase options assure that you get the right products for your needs.
  • angle-right
    ​"Sleepwaves" enhanced editions that block out the snoring and help you fade off to a peaceful, natural sleep... Even on those "more difficult" nights.

​90 Day



Frequently Asked Questions

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​What happens after I make my purchase?

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P.S.:  ​At AudEscapes, Inc. we are 100% committed to your complete satisfaction.

We don't win if you don't win and I strongly believe in good old fashioned customer service.

I care about every single person who ​comes to my company seeking a legitimate solution to this surprisingly complex and difficult problem.


In my previous career as a Professional Firefighter, it gave me great satisfaction to help others in times of their greatest need. Some of my most meaningful experiences and memories were formed during those years of my life. I am proud to say that I have been blessed with something now that allows that sense of satisfaction to continue on for me.

​Although our extensive market studies have revealed that we can easily charge more than double the current prices of our SnorEraser digital products. I am firmly committed to making SnorEraser easily affordable for anyone in need of a truly unique and effective means of ​relieving the chronic insomnia that ​often results from ​living with a partner who snores.

I can appreciate and fully understand why some folks initially doubt that a masking sound can be the holy grail of anti snoring sound technology. But, I assure you... These are not your father's masking sounds! They are specifically formulated and calibrated to totally eliminate the primary problem that snoring sounds present.

And to do it at the absolute lowest possible volume level achievable​.

If you want to sleep right next to your partner, while they are actively snoring, without being disturbed at all and without involving your partner in the process in any way whatsoever... There is ONLY ONE method on earth that brings that into the realm of possibility. That method is built into every SnorEraser product and I have been painstakingly perfecting it for 25 years.

I can say with utmost confidence... There is nothing else on earth, at any price, that can do for you what SnorEraser can do.

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