​​Snoring Sounds Bypass Noise Cancelling Headphones & Earplugs, ​​Leaving People Seeking Separate Rooms For Sleeping


​If you are losing sleep because of
someone else's snoring sounds and...

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    ​​You want to find a way to sleep totally undisturbed by someone else's snoring sounds, without requiring the snorer to try / use snoring aids.
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    ​​The snorer in your life has already tried various "snoring aids" and none of them seem to be working.
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    ​​You feel that having ​your own effective defense against the snoring noise, ​gives you more control than cumbersome snoring aids ​which are intended to be used by the snorer.
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    ​You have tried other "self defense" ​type snoring sounds solutions, such as earplugs, noise cancelling headphones and white noises only to discover that ​they all leave you hearing the snoring quite clearly and you are still bothered by the snoring throughout the night.
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    ​​You would also like to have a versatile means of eliminating other common sound distractions that interfere with daily activities such as: reading, studying, meditation, relaxation after a busy day and more.

​...then ​you'll want to know why ​those snoring ​sounds ​get through
and how SnorEraser can change your life...

Do You Know How Snoring Sounds Really Keeps You Awake?

​​You are proned to pick the wrong solution, if you don't understand the true nature of the problem.

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​The Important Information In These Four Mini Topics Can Literally Change Your Life

​Is it the sound of each individual snore? Or the unpredictable erratic pattern of the snoring, turning on and off that keeps you awake?

​Is reduction of the distraction enough? Why is 100% elimination so important?

​How do we know for certain that ALL earplugs for snoring and ALL noise cancelling headphones for sleeping cannot achieve 100% elimination?

​You can reduce the peaks or fill the valleys. Which one is more important?

​98% Of All "Prevention Type" Snoring Aids Fail As Long Term Solutions

Recent studies show that devices such as chin straps, mouth pieces and the like have very low long term success rates (as low as 2% long term success rates). Although finding something that actually does stop snoring is difficult in and of itself. That isn't really the main problem...

The biggest hurdle for most couples is in the commitment to try numerous solutions and continuing to use these often cumbersome / uncomfortable devices over the long haul.

Listed here are some of the more common pitfalls that can derail even the highest of hopes.

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    Bringing up the subject can be very difficult and stressful for some couples.
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    ​The snoring partner does not believe that they actually snore at all. 
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    Even if the snoring is acknowledged, it's impact is not taken seriously enough.
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    ​Even when the snorer is willing to participate, an effective solution is never found.
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    ​Even when an effective snoring solution is found, a sincere, lifelong commitment by the snorer ​must take place, on the non-snorer's behalf.

How SnorEraser Does What No Other Snoring Aids Can Do

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​The ONLY Anti Snoring ​Sounds Solution In The World
That Can Do ALL of this for you and more...

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    ​​​​​Makes it possible for you to sleep totally undisturbed, while lying right beside someone who is snoring​!
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    ​​Custom tune to provide the perfect match for your particular partner's snoring sounds!
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    ​​​Instantly transform any smart phone or digital media device into a high tech anti snoring sounds device!
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    ​​​Goes to work immediately, protecting your valuable sleep right now! There is no waiting for something to arrive in the mail, weeks later!
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    ​Is ready to go to work, anytime and anywhere! On vacation, while visiting friends and relatives! SnorEraser goes where you go!
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    Lets you read, study, meditate, relax and unwind after a busy day and a whole world of other handy uses, completely undisturbed!

​The SnorEraser Apps Are Coming Soon!

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Our Customers LOVE SnorEraser!

Over 30,000 lucky people world wide are sleeping completely undisturbed by their partner's snoring sounds... Thanks to SnorEraser!

Here is what a few of them had to say...

You have my recommendation on a great product!

I have been using snoreraser for about a week now and I am happy to report that I am convinced that my problem is now solved.

Around two years have passed since I started looking for ways to block my fiancee's snoring. You have my recommendation on a great product!

Anthony V.

Sharing the same bed again after six years!

I wanted to get back to you to let you know what a life saver your SnorEraser has been for me.

My husband and I are sharing the same bed again after six years of sleeping in separate rooms. All because I found your website.

Maryann D.

I use SnorEraser every night and recommend it

Dear SnorEraser Customer Care,

I want to thank you for your personal assistance, you couldn't have been more helpful. I would recommend your company just on your customer service level alone.

I use SnorEraser every night and recommend it to couples that I counsel frequently. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback. But, most of all, I want you to know that you have also improved my marriage as well! My husband and I were forced to sleep apart for quite a while. Now, thanks to you and your unique products, we are back together again.

Best wishes, Theresa

Theresa Sanchez

What a wonderful idea which works!

This product has so far been a huge blessing for me and my girlfriend.

What a wonderful idea which works! Thank you!!!!

John L.

I am going to recommend your product to my patients.

Hi again, Just writing to let you know that I tried the snoreraser last night and it worked even better than I expected it would. Thank you again....

I am going to recommend your product to my patients.

Ron Pollack M.D.

Hello from Italy, I am finding many use for your snoreraser and it make me sleep much better now too.

I want you know that I think you help many people like me for snoring. Thank you so much.

Maria C.

I only wish that I would have tried SnorEraser first

I must say that I was skeptical, I really thought Snoreraser was just another white noise product like the ones I’ve tried before. I have been very pleased with how well it works though.

I only wish that I would have tried SnorEraser first, it would saved me a lot of headaches literally.

Paul B.
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