​Got the Best ​Snore Cancelling Headphones but Still Can't Sleep?

​​​​No Noise Cancelling Headphones can block out snoring completely. Watch This Brief Video To Understand Why.

PLUS! We'll Show You ​3 Simple Steps You Can Take To Fix That Today... Quickly And Affordably!


New Research Reveals The Real Reason You Can't Sleep Through Nearby Snoring!

Snore Suddenness Image

​(S) = Suddenness  (T) = Timbre

​In the image above you are looking at a visual representation of the audio profile of a common snore (blue area). On the left is the "suddenness ​factor" (orange area), which measures the time it takes for the snore sound to go from zero volume to full volume. The top area (grey) represents the timbre of the snore. Timbre is the overall sound quality of the snore, including tone, vibrato, graininess, and other qualities of sound​.

​The (T) Timbre of the snoring is not the reason that you can't sleep. (S) Suddenness is what grates on your nerves and ​that is true regardless of whether the volume is high or low. That is why most people can't sleep next to someone who is snoring, while wearing snore cancelling headphones and/or earplugs. Because (due to bone conducted sound travel) those devices simply cannot block out snoring completely and never will!

​​If you can hear the snoring at all, the (s) suddenness remains a factor, making it so that you can't sleep. So... What can you do about it?

Most headphones (excluding the cheap​os), cancelling or not can be made to totally eliminate the (S) factor by simply introducing a smooth and continuous masking sound. But up ​until now, even the purest masking sounds (like pure white noise) had to be used at extreme volume levels, that were too high for sleeping, before they would block ​out snoring completely enough to eliminate the (S) factor.

​A New Invention That Finally Makes It Possible
To ​Totally Block Out Snoring!

There is a new snoring specific masking technology called "SnorEraser" which has been developed from the ground up, to eliminate the (S) Suddenness Factor at the lowest possible volume achievable. In fact SnorEraser snore blocking masking technology is 2 1/2 times more effective than white noise for snoring! Meaning that it can do what white noise can do, but at less than half of the volume requirement!

Snoring S Factor Eliminated Image

repetition creates a smooth, relaxing sound, with no sudden volume changes

​​Using our advanced proprietary techniques, we are able to extend the snoring sound(s) indefinitely and continuously (without gaps), ​which totally eliminates the (S) Suddenness factor, without the need for ANY additional volume. That is the magic behind SnorEraser and what makes it entirely unique! SnorEraser is the only anti snoring product on earth that fights fire with fire!

You'll be amazed and delighted by how smooth and calming the (T) timbre of snoring can be when the (S) suddenness factor is eliminated! But most of all, you will never... EVER... have to say... "I can't sleep" because of someone else's snoring again!

​M​ost ​customers find that they simply don't need their so called "snore cancelling headphones" anymore, after trying SnorEraser!

​SnorEraser Solves Your Snoring Problem in 3 Ways:

​Blocks Snoring Out Completely

​SnorEraser was invented because nothing else available blocks snoring completely.

Not even ​snore cancelling headphones, earplugs and white noise used at the same time!

​​Completely Customiza​ble

​​Use the features of your ​chosen media player app(s) and / or our new SnorEraser brand apps (recommended). To fine tune the sounds ​and ​completely block out your partner's specific snoring sound type at an even lower volume!

​​Assists When You Can't Sleep

​​Sleepwaves editions are included with every order! These special encoded tracks use binaural beat technology to gently "entrain" (slow down) your brainwaves and help you to unwind and enter sleepy state much more quick​ly and easily!

​Okay, ​I'm certain that SnorEraser can indeed block out snoring completely, but will this really work for ​me?

Here's how you can apply all of the benefits of SnorEraser to your life in just 3 easy steps and find out for yourself tonight:


​​Purchase And Install The SnorEraser App and /or Downloads

​​You have three options (details below).

You can buy and install the SnorEraser App (iOS & Android) or download the files from our secure server or you have the option to buy the apps and downloads combined at a reduced price!


​Select The Edition(s) That ​Resemble Your Partner's Unique Snoring Sounds

​You will simply listen to your partner's snoring, while listening to a guided tutorial and select the edition with the sound profile that resembles your partner's profile.

The enjoyable tutorial will also help you to fine tune. ​Finding the perfect settings for the lowest volume requirement to completely block out their unique snoring.


​Sleep Free From Snoring Distractions For The Rest Of Your Life!

​​Use whatever hardware you choose! As long as it is of reasonable quality and it suits your personal likes and dislikes. Thousands of existing customers use many different types of headphones, earbuds (wired or bluetooth), speaker pillows and many other options with great success!


​​What Are Others Saying?

Adrian C image

​​Adrienne C. - Google Play Store Customer

“​It's awesome and worth every penny”

“​ Sweet sleep, I missed you.   Bought this is 2015 or 16. Saved my marriage! I play the 8hr original through a soft headband headphone wrap. I added soft rubber ear plugs, because I sleep next to a human train.  This has made it sound like sleeping next to a fan, and only the fan. It's awesome and worth every penny".

snoring testimonial a image

​​Mary Ann D. - ​SnorEraser.com review

​"sharing the same bed again after six years of sleeping in separate rooms"

“​ I wanted to get back to you to let you know what a life saver your SnorEraser has been for me.

My husband and I are sharing the same bed again after six years of sleeping in separate rooms. All because I found your website.

​​Slawek Bielawa - ​Google Play Store Customer

“​Amazing product to help light sleepers get a full night of rest."

“​ Amazing product to help light sleepers get a full night of rest. If you sleep next to a snorer, this is your solution!  Forget white noise apps, this actually drowns out the sound of snoring. Thank you for having such a wonderfully positive impact on my life!"

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